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Seven Secrets of the Ninja Real Estate Investor

Seven Secrets of the Ninja Real Estate Investor

with Augie Byllott

Invest Like a Ninja


The Ninja were a notorious band of highly skilled Japanese assassins.  They were deadly because they were precise, disciplined and true masters of their craft.

The Ninja moved silently, with agility, and power.  The interesting thing is that they were born with no special abilities.  They were taught, they practiced and they mastered their craft.  They became so good that people believed they actually had super human powers. 

While we investors aren’t assassins, we do need to develop skills, we need to learn how to buy, lease and sell properties with speed, accuracy and do it profitably.  Just as they knew many different techniques for getting the job done, so must we. 

The first parallel between the Ninja and the Ninja investor is that they both posses clarity of purpose and intent.  Bad programming, limiting beliefs or an attitude of “woe is me” does not cloud their thinking or distract them from their purpose?  They are forward moving and always improving their level of skill.

The Ninja used a variety of weapons with deadly skill and accuracy.  The Ninja investor must be able to wield the tools of our craft as well.  Both need to take action to achieve their goals.

The Ninja could react with amazing speed and flexibility.  As a Ninja investor we to must make decisions quickly and many times we will need to offer our prospect more than one alternative and so we too must be flexible. 

How many investing weapons are in your tool kit?  How many have you mastered?  Can you buy without cash or credit?  Do you generate plenty of leads?  Can you raise capital for your projects with a phone call or two?  Can you make big money on properties you do not own? 

With the right training, enough intentional practice you too can become a Ninja investor.   



Augie Byllott Biography: After ten years building a highly profitable fix and flip business doing 25 to 30 renovation projects a year, a healthy rental portfolio, a private lending business and a trust company Augie Byllott emerged with proven wisdom about building and implementing an effective real estate investment strategy from the ground up. Now he’s sharing that wisdom to help shorten the learning curve for real estate investors.

Augie Byllott is a nationally recognized speaker who teaches real estate investing to people from all walks of life. His inspiring and centered approach to business has helped him make a name for himself in the educational arena.

Augie has the ability to explain, in simple and understandable terms, how to start from scratch to build a successful real estate investing business. He believes in creating win-win scenarios through Transaction Engineering and creative financial literacy.

As one of the nation's top speakers, he has shared the stage with Dr. Albert Lowry, Eddie Speed, Wendy Patton, Robyn Thompson, Don DeRosa, Mike Butler, Larry Harbolt, Walter Wofford, Edwin Kelly, Tony Youngs, Scott Whaley, Steve Zehala, Duncan Wierman, Chris McClatchey, Jonathan Rivera, Dan Stojadinovic and more

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Event Location: Courtyard Marriott
Address: 1601 N. Congress Ave. , Boynton Beach , FL   33426
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